About Corona virus in Croatia
Regarding information about the corona virus (COVID-19) in Croatia, has handled the situation extremely well, all needed measurements were taken on time to stop massive speeding of the virus in the country. Croatia currently has 2,176 cases of infection, which has resulted in 87 deaths. The majority of cases – 1,726 – have recovered. The authorities and National Civil Protection Headquarters has kept infections and deaths well below the European average.
Source: https://www.koronavirus.hr/en

The important questions right now:
Is Croatia corona travel safe? Right now nothing is a 100% safe, but as said before Croatia has been dealing with the virus pretty well, there are parts of the country that are corona-free such as the islands and some regions have a big drop in newly infected so we can hope that more regions will be corona-free in the near future.

Are borders open for tourists?
EU citizens are allowed to enter/exit Croatia in case of economical, business, tourist activities (confirmed by documents). Tourists can enter Croatia only in specific situations with documents and regulated. To check if you satisfy all necessary conditions to enter Croatia, you can find out at: uzg.covid@mup.hr

All information regarding traffic and borders on English you can find here: https://www.hak.hr/info/stanje-na-cestama?lang=en#border-crossings


Croatia- Istria- Cape Kamenjak
After spending a few days in beautiful Croatia and exploring cities such as Zagreb which is the concrete jungle of the country, city of culture and one of the oldest cities in Europe, or the shores of Dalamatia where you can travel trough history in cities such as Dubrovnik, Split and many others, we would definitely recommend visiting Istria and its seaside. In the south of Istria, there is a beautiful significant landscape Kamenjak near the lovely village Premantura.
Now, you might wonder what makes this Significant landscape such a loved place among tourists as well as locals, here are just some attributes that makes everybody go crazy for this place: 30 kilometres long beach, unpopulated islands, spectacular cliffs, amazing beaches and bays, as well as a “cool” Safari bar. Those are just some attractions that make Kamenjak one of the best touristic attractions in Croatia. Jistra Adventures where you can rent kayaks, bikes, SUP or boats will make your visit to the Significant landscape Kamenjak unforgettable. Because of the closeness to Kamenjak, a small former fishing village Premantura became a desired summer resort.
Here you can relax and enjoy the unique nature of Kamenjak. In this blog we will tell you all about the best beaches, what locations and attractions are a must on Kamenjak. Additionally you will find important information’s required to have a great experience.


Kamenjak – Premantura
Everybody that visits Significant landscape Kamenjak is astonished by the untouched nature and landscapes that it provides. Colourful and various beaches surrounded by clear blue sea make this destination a must see in Istria. Among many beaches and cliffs where you can swim, dive or even snorkel, Kamenjak is also perfect for hiking or biking as it has several dirt roads surrounded by flora and fauna that will leave you speechless. On a small surface of 14 km2 grows more than 500 different plant species. As previously mentioned the sea around Kamenjak is incredible so you can enjoy snorkelling or underwater caves that Jistra Adventures guides know and will happily guide you around. Here you can easily stay for a week sunbathing and relaxing on a different beach every day, or have a different adventure every day exploring the small islands, kayaking around or biking through many biking paths.


Best beaches of Significant landscape Kamenjak
Wonderful beaches on Kamenjak are one of the beast you can find in all Croatia. You can choose between 23 different beaches- one more mesmerizing then the other. With 2300 sunny hours in a year, this is the perfect place to enjoy the sun to the fullest and admire sunsets or sunrises.


Pinižule Beach
This pebble beach surrounded by a pine forest is filled with Mediterranean smell and enough shade to allow you escape from the hot summer sun. A small quiet bar on the beach serves good food and drinks such as Sangria that will keep you coming back. By the rocky shore you can find fossils form a former period. Also quite interesting is the dinosaur path, this is a shorter hiking path where you can find dinosaur traces, sculptures and even footprints in stone.
Tip: Do not forget your snorkeling equipment. Pinižule is among other thing one of the best places to snorkel.
Cape Kamenjak and Cliffs
South part of the significant landscape is known by its cliffs and the view that extend over the clear open sea. If you are adventurous this spot is the best for cliff diving as here you can find cliffs of different heights some being as high as 15 meters. Not far from here a small cave is located in which you can swim. If this is something that interests you, Jistra Adventures organizes day trips to hidden beaches, caves and cliffs.


Safari bar on Cape Kamenjak
Also known between the locals as the jungle bar, is definitely one of the places you don’t want to miss. Here boredom doesn’t exist, and all visitors young or old will find joy. To be completely frank this place is a play ground for adults as much as it is for children. Here you can have a good time on the swings, slides and other gadget that are quite unordinary. The best thing about this place is that everything is built from natural materials. As the Safari bar also serves food, here you can have lunch that is incorporated in the day trips organized by Jistra Adventures with a tour guide that will show you all the hidden places.


How to find Significant landscape Kamenjak?
From the largest city in the area Pula it takes around 10 minutes to reach Kamenjak, from Medulin it is very easy to reach Kamenjak which is around 15 kilometers remote. If you are staying in Rovinj, visiting Kamenjak should be organized as a day trip as it will take you around 13:00h , the distance from Rovinj to Kamenjak is around 55 kilometers. The significant landscape can be entered with a car , the entrance fee is 80kn per a car. Almost next to every beach there is parking space where you can leave your car. The roads are not paved they are dirt roads. So we would highly recommend to park the car outside the nature park, and to continue inside with a bike or with a kayak that way the entrance to the park is actually free. If you choose to come with a bus, you must go to the bus station Pula, then you take the bus Kamenjak- Premantura also known as line 28.
Entrance ticket: Cyclist and walkers don’t have to pay anything, those options are the cheapest when visiting the Kamenjak. For cars there is a set fee: one day ticket- 80kn per a car, three day ticket- 180kn per a car, twelve day ticket- 720kn per car.


Exploring Kamenjak
Significant landscape Kamenjak is an ideal place for kayaking, bike tours or fantastic walks in the nature. Upon entering visitors get a free map with marked roads, beaches, bars and other attractions. If you rent wit the Jistra Advebtures crew you will get a special map that has all the kayak, SUP and bike routs as well as all the bars, caves and best places to visit. You need to be wary, during the peek of the summer season ( 15.07- 20.08) Kamenjak can be very crowded due to its popularity.


Bars and Restaurants
Although there is no buildings on Kamenjak you can find a couple of bars that serve food by the beach. One can be found on the beach Pinižule, and of course there is Safari bar that is located on the southernmost spot of Kmenjak. If you are planning to spend the entire day on some remote beach do not forget to bring food and drinks with you.


Apartments, hotels and camps in Premantura and other near places
As previously mentioned there is no buildings on Kamenjak, that includes hotels and apartments. Camping is also strictly forbidden, all visitors must leave the area by 22:00h. If you want to stay somewhere close to Kamenjak the best option is Premantura, which is the closest village and is located right next to the significant landscape. In Premantura you can find many local apartments & villas or you can chose between 4 camps that are situated right by the sea. There is also options of staying in Pula (15min to Kamenjak ), Medulin ( 20min to Kamenjak).