Kayak sunset tour

From:  45.00 per person +38599 4189 245

If you love kayaking and romance – experience twilight in the middle of the sea. Join this romantic kayak tour and discover magical sunsets and the natural beauty of the splendent Cape Kamenjak.

  • 3 km
  • Licensed kayak guide
  • Kayak, paddle, impermeable bag, life jacket
  • Swimming and rowing around islands of Rt Kamenjak
  • Underwater GoPro photos and videos
  • Bottle of wine (red/ white) or champagne – One drink
  • Snorkeling equipment- mask, fins
  • Lunch packet (water 0.5L, apple, power bar)
  • Comfortable seat



2 hours

Activity/1h Chilling/1h


Camp Stupice



TIP Bring with you – sunglasses, cap, towel, swimsuit, waterproof bag, flip flops/aqua socks/shoes, spare clothes

Language : English, Croatian
The minimum age for participants is 7.

Sun, sea, a clear sky, and seagulls make up the perfect formula for true relaxation.
On our Sunset Kayak Tour we slowly paddle through the Medulin Bay, along the islet of Trumbuja to the islet of Ceja in Istria. The island, generally known for its wild rabbits and clean beaches, also provides panoramic views of the entire Cape Kamenjak. Ceja’s coast gives you the opportunity to swim and enjoy the evening sun on our kayak tour, while those who love walking can explore the nearby hills of this uninhabited island. After a short break, we return by kayak to the open sea, watching the sun change colour and slowly set on the horizon. During our kayak tour enjoy the surreal scenes that unfold in this unique bay along with a glass of champagne or wine. This exceptional experience of Istrian nature, so close to Pula is intended for everyone – lovers of landscape photography will be particularly thrilled. So join our Sunset Kayak Tour and enjoy the mesmerizing colours of the Adriatic Sea in Istria.



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