E-bike Gastro Tour Istria

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Are you looking for a light bike tour and a delicious Istrian food? Then join our Gastro E-bike Tour on Cape Kamenjak, Istria.

  • 16 km
  • Licenced E-bike tour guide
  • Bike helmet
  • Cycling for 16km beside of the sea
  • Swimming at the sandy and rocky bays
  • Lunch with drink at Safari bar (čevapćiči, gyros, sardines + 1 drink)
  • Tastings at the Istrian Farm (olive oil, cheese, wine, prosciutto)
  • Visiting southernmost point of Istria
  • GoPro photos and videos
  • Cliffjumping
  • Snorkeling inside of the crystal blue cave under 15m cliff
  • Lunch packet (water 0.5L, power bar, apple)


5 hours

Activity/2h Chilling/3h


Premantura - Rt Kamenjak



TIPS Bring with you – sunglasses, cap, sneakers, suncream, backpack, towel, swimsuit

Language : English, Croatian
The minimum age for participants is 10

Are you looking for a light sporting bike tour and delicious food? Join our Gastro E-bike Tour on Cape Kamenjak, enjoy beautiful nature and forget about the fatigue that comes with pedalling.
On our Gastro E-Bike Tour you’ll try traditional dishes and experience enchanting views of the Adriatic Sea in Istria. This small peninsula, about 10 km long, hides sandy coves, rocky beaches, and other stunning Istrian landscapes.
Protected area in Istria encompasses a magical natural wealth where you can enjoy a 16-km long Gastro E-bike Tour. There are many orchids, of which two are endemic varieties, as well as 530 other plant species. This Istrian coastline belt near Pula belongs to pure nature – without hotels and other tourist attractions – making it the perfect place for all those who love parks and bike tours.
On our Gastro E-Bike Tour, we will take small breaks, which will allow us to enjoy beautiful Istrian hidden coves, cool off in the crystal clear sea, and take some incredible photos of this unique coast.
Last but not least on our e-bike tour, don’t worry about food – Jistra Adventures guides will take you to the Istrian farm, where you can try some of the traditional Istrian delicacies, such as the local wine tasting, cheese, and olive oil, all of which come from domestic production on the Istrian farm. After that, e-bike tour will head to the unique Safari Bar in Istria, where you can have lunch and a refreshing drink. Istrian gastronomy is well known, and you just have to indulge your senses with these Mediterranean flavours.
Take a fun guided Gastro E-Bike Tour and enjoy some typical Istrian cuisine.


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Nothing can match the feeling of freedom, enjoyment and relaxation as the light breeze revives you, while exploring beautiful Istria with us on our bike tours. The road will reveal to you the sights of beautiful coastal nature, amazing viewpoints, coves where you can refresh, take a break and swim, quiet country scenery or charming city streets. Our team can organize numerous bike tours throughout Istria. Feel free to contact us and we'll propose the best itinerary that suits your wishes.