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E-Biking & Kayaking all day Adventure 6h

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This tour in our offer was created to satisfy even the most discerning nature lovers! The combination of two great sports, an E-biking, and a kayaking, gives you the opportunity to explore the magical south of the Istrian peninsula from a completely different perspective.

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  • Cycling 14km by the sea
  • Visit southernmost point of Istria
  • Snorkeling inside of the crystal blue cave under 15m cliff
  • Experience the adrenaline of cliff jumping (1-7m)
  • Lunch at “jungle” Safari bar
  • Swimm at the sandy and rocky bays
  • Visit dinosaurs footprints
  • GoPro photos and videos


  • Swimming and rowing to the islands of Cape Kamenjak, 3 km
  • Snorkeling in the blue waters
  • Panorama view from the top of the island Ceja
  • Swimming at sandy & rocky bays
  • Underwater GoPro photos and videos


  • Licenced bike & kayak guide
  • E-Bike: Kross Level Boost 1,0+ helmet
  • Kayak, paddle, waterproof bag, lifejacket
  • Lunch with a drink at Safari bar (čevapćiči, gyros, sardines+ lemonade, beer..)
  • Lunch package (water 0.5L, power bar, apple)
  • GoPro photos and videos
  • Mask for snorkeling
  • Comfortable kayak seat


6 hours

Activity/3.5h Chilling/2.5h


Cape Kamenjak



TIPS Bring with you – sneakers, backpack, sunglasses, cap, sun cream, towel, camera, swimsuit, spare clothes, waterproof bag, flip flops/aqua socks/shoes

Language : English, Croatian

  • To participate, you must be able to swim
  • The minimum age for participants is 7

No other tour can better match the feeling of freedom than this tour, taking you by land and sea along the coast of Cape Kamenjak, a protected natural landscape of southern Istria. Designed for you by our experts, this trip is perfect for those who are looking for a real summer adventure in nature, but far away from the usual summer crowds.

Our main mission is to give you the opportunity to discover the amazing Istrian bays, beautiful beaches, hidden caves, cliffs, turquoise sea and a peaceful coast where you can cool off and relax. This is an area where all Jistra Adventures guides have grown up and live. It means that they know every nook and cranny, which they will happily share with you during this tour, as well as their love and passion for the region.

Among other things, on this tour you will have the opportunity to visit, enjoy and relax in the beautiful cave Velika Kolombarica. You will be able to explore it, dive into this mysterious place, where amazing shades of blue light illuminate its interior. Here we will swim right in the great blue, jump off high cliffs and create our own unique memories. During the 4-hour E-bike tour we will visit the famous and cult Safari Bar, located in the southern part of Cape Kamenjak, the only Istrian “jungle”, where you will taste some local specialties and refresh yourself with a cold drink.

After cycling and a break, the trip takes you to the water! Thirty picturesque bays, eleven islands, clear blue sea and great biodiversity are the main reasons why we included kayaking in this tour. Cape Kamenjak is certainly one of the most beautiful places in Croatia where you can kayak between the rocky cliffs, explore the islands, swim, and create your own special moments under the Istrian sky. An hour and a half kayaking will take you to the nearby island of Ceja, where you can walk to its top from where you will enjoy the most spectacular view of the entire Cape Kamenjak and the incredible beauty of the southern coast of Istria.

Our fantastic, educated, and licensed Jistra Adventures guides will immortalize your adventure, taking pictures and videos during the entire tour, capturing the moments of you rowing or diving into the crystal-clear sea. This great tour will end with rowing to the mainland and our location at Camp Stupice.

Join us in this amazing adventure and treat yourself to a well-deserved, best possible summer experience!