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Boat tour at Medulin archipelago 4h

From:  300.00 per person +38599 4189 245

Would you like to explore the islands of the Medulin archipelago, as well as the cave and hidden beaches at an easygoing pace? Join our boat tour and enjoy the light summer breeze and the surrounding nature. Adventurers will get to explore the caves and cliffs of both the Geat and Little Kolumbarica and experience cliff diving. In addition to exploring this area, we will enjoy a delicious lunch on the Island of Ceja and let loose on a lovely beach because “a little party never killed nobody”.

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What you’ll do

  • Exploring the coast & beaches of Cape Kamenjak
  • Visiting southernmost point of Istria
  • Snorkeling inside of the crystal blue cave under 15m cliff
  • Experience the adrenaline of cliff jumping (1-7 m)
  • Visiting island Fenoliga with more than 100 dinosaur footprints
  • Visiting island Ceja and snorkeling
  • Lunch with a drink on the island Ceja
  • Free time for swimming, snorkeling & relaxing

What’s included

  • Licenced guide
  • Impermeable bag, life jacket
  • Lunch with a drink (Cocktail, beer, wine, juice…)
  • Lunch packet (water 1.5L, power bar, apple)
  • Snorkeling equipment- mask, fins
  • Underwater GoPro photos and videos



4 hours

Activity/1h Chilling/3h


Camp Stupice



TIPS Bring with you – sunglasses, cap, sun cream, towel, swimsuit, waterproof bag, flip flops/aqua socks/shoes, spare clothes 

  • Language : English, Croatian
  • The minimum age for participants is 2

During this tour we will go on a boat ride and explore the caves and islands of the Medulin archipelago. One of these islands, Fenoliga, is home to one of the richest sites in Europe for dinosaur tracks. Located near the Island of Fenoliga are the caves and cliffs of both the Great and Little Kolumbarica. This sight is renowned for its stunning underwater blue cave that will make any visitor want to return to Cape Kamenjak, near Pula, as soon as possible. We will also head out to the Island of Ceja for lunch followed by cocktails or any other drink. There is no lack of fun on Ceja!  Join us and enjoy the beauty of this area as the light summer breeze caresses your face.