As we approach the new adventure season of 2024, Jistra Adventures proudly presents a rich assortment of sports and activities designed to satisfy all nature, adventure, and adrenaline enthusiasts. Located in the heart of the beautiful Istria, our goal is to provide unforgettable experiences through a variety of activities that combine fun, learning, and exploration. Here’s what you can expect from us in the upcoming season:

1. Kayak

Our guided tours and kayak rental options on Cape Kamenjak offer the opportunity to explore hidden caves, dramatic cliffs, Safari Bar, and undiscovered shores. Join us and uncover the secrets hidden in Istria’s crystal-clear seas.

2. SUP (Stand Up Paddling)

We offer guided tours and SUP rentals in Premantura, exploring the islands of the Medulin Archipelago. For those seeking a special experience, we also offer a SUP tour with wine and sunset, a perfect blend of natural beauty and relaxation.

3. Crystal Clear Kayak

For adventurers seeking a unique experience, we offer guided tours in crystal clear kayaks, exploring the islands of the Medulin Archipelago. Don’t miss our special KAYAK tour with wine and sunset for a romantic and unforgettable evening paddle.

4. Wing Foil

For those eager to learn new sports, we offer Wing Foil school. Master the basics of this exciting sport under the expert guidance of our instructors.

5. E-Foil (Electric Foil)

E-Foil, a novelty in our offer, combines surfing and flying above water. We offer both a school and rentals for E-Foil, where, after a short course, you can enjoy this fascinating activity independently.

6. Moto Boat

Discover the freedom of boat rental and explore the islands, the coast of Cape Kamenjak, and Medulin on your own. Renting a boat for the whole day is ideal for families, friends, and couples eager for exploration and adventure on the sea.

7. Bike / Electric Bike

Explore Cape Kamenjak and beyond, including the historic city of Pula, through our bike and e-bike tours and rentals. Bikes and electric bikes, available for rent, are adapted for both adults and children, making them a perfect choice for family adventures. Discover Safari Bar, hidden beaches, natural beauties of Kamenjak, and Pula’s rich historical heritage, with the option of bike delivery to your desired location.

8. Electric Scooter

Our guided tours on electric scooters allow you to explore the most famous sights of Kamenjak in a short time, including caves, cliffs, and Safari Bar.

9. Chill Zone

Additionally, we offer sun loungers and parasols for sunbathing and relaxation, where guests can take a rest.


Whether planning your next kayak outing, a SUP adventure, a unique experience on a crystal-clear kayak, a day’s boating, learning wing foil or e-foil, a bike tour through Cape Kamenjak and Pula, or exploring on an electric scooter, Jistra Adventures is here to provide an unforgettable experience.

***Jistra Adventures is soon opening its doors full-time, offering its vast activities and services to all visitors longing for adventure. Until then, our services are available by appointment at both locations, ensuring that your explorations and adventures can start without delay. If you have any questions or wish to book one of our activities, you can reach us by calling +385994189245 or +385995608096.***