Jistra Adventure is known for various offers when it comes to renting a bike in Pula, Premantura and Medulin.
With us you can book a bike tour, rent electric bikes, children’s bikes and we even rent to groups.

You can choose to go on an organised bike tour with experienced local guides or you can rent the bikes for up to 20 days. The second option provides more freedom to do your thing and explore the sights at your own pace.

We also provide bike delivery to cities adjacent to Premantura, where our headquarters are. Istria is a rather small region and all major cities are a little over 30 minutes away by car, which means no matter where you’re located, that shouldn’t stop you from exploring natural treasures available in Premantura and cape Kamenjak.

Other than renting all types of bikes, even to larger groups, we proudly offer bike service, bike repair and tyre repair. Whether you’re located in Pula, Premantura or anywhere near cape Kamenjak, you can contact us about the bike service or tyre repair.

The freedom of using the bike when exploring natural beauties in Istria, makes all the hidden corners and places approachable and you get to decide when and how long the tour will last. Bike service or bike repair is a much needed option when it comes to endurance of the bicycle.

Some terrains in Istria, like cape Kamenjak, are made of gravel. It is really easy to get a flat tyre in those conditions, especially if you’re not local and not used to it. You shouldn’t let that bring you down. We can help you with tyre repair as well as bike service. There is no reason for you not to enjoy your well earned holiday without interruptions.