It’s time for your next adventure, and Istria is on the list of destinations you want to visit. We are bringing you our top 5 reasons why you should no longer hesitate, but immediately pack up and visit this wonderful piece of land!

We could list many more than five reasons why magical Istria rightly bears this epithet. The rich program offered by Istria Adventures is the best way to get to know Istria. Our mission is not just to show it to you, but to make an effort to taste and smell it, touch it, dive in and peek into the most hidden corners. This small heart-shaped peninsula with its excellent geographical location is extremely accessible by land, sea and air, and delights equally in any season of the year.

We don’t have big cities, but we do have the smallest one in the world. We have the most beautiful towns on the sea, but also the most picturesque ones, in the interior, under the clouds. Istria Adventures will take you to charming towns and picturesque villages, to forests, to the sea, and under the sea. We will not forget the essence of living, food, which is as special in Istria as the country and the people. With us in Istria you will feel and experience the true ease of existence and write in your collection of memories a completely different, special story that will give you a dose of energy and help you cope with all those Mondays ahead of you!

1. Natural beauties and hidden gems in colors

Istria is blue, and green, painted with a palette of all possible colors in early autumn. And it is the colors that make Istria a land of supernatural natural beauty. Istria is ideal for an active vacation, so it is increasingly becoming an unavoidable destination for lovers of exploration on two wheels as well as hikers and mountain lovers. Our cycling tours will take you through breathtaking natural landscapes and lookouts. Cycling with us through enchanting landscapes, you will get to know Istria best. Our trails are carefully chosen, both along the coast and in the interior, and on each of them you will find many surprises and real hidden natural gems that our excellent and professional licensed guides will take you to.

2. Istrian history and cultural heritage are shaped by fairies, dinosaurs, great rulers, builders and artists

Istria easily intertwines its turbulent history with modern motifs and remnants of ancient civilizations. Dinosaurs left their footprints in Istria, Istria was built together by fairies and giants, who, the Istrians swear, still live here today (and some vampires too)! Roman emperors, medieval rulers and Venetian podestas, Austro-Hungarian emperors, counts and the founders of tourism sat here. Istria Adventures tours will introduce you to the history of the peninsula and numerous cultural and historical monuments, silent witnesses of the long and turbulent history of the Istrian people.

Believe that in the most hidden corners of Istria it is not impossible to find vital 100-year-olds who will be happy to tell you about how they lived in five different countries during their lives, without moving from their picturesque village. Their children and grandchildren are building an Istrian story on these golden memories today that you will rarely hear anywhere, and our guides will take you right to these stories.

3. Sea – we take you to the endless blue, and below it

The Croatian sea is one of the most beautiful in the world, and we guarantee you that the Istrian sea is the bluest and most beautiful. Therefore, the focus of our best excursions is on the sea. You can choose a less active vacation and simply enjoy the sun and the sea, but if you are a fan of adrenaline activities, then our Istria Kayak tours are the perfect choice for you, with a handful of combinations. And we will fulfill just about every one wish you may have, whether you want a boat tour where you will simply enjoy the beauties of Istrian views, bike or hike along the rocky shore, jump off a cliff, or dive into the crystal-clear blue. At 539 kilometers of coastline, you can enjoy to the fullest in both summer and winter. Not only will we take you to the most hidden caves and islands of the Istrian peninsula, but we will give you an adrenaline-fueled opportunity to experience Istria from a completely different, blue perspective. If you combine this with the most beautiful sunsets, you will get the perfect experience of the Istrian sea.

4. Features of Istrian cuisine and golden drops that your palate will remember forever

As Istria is special in every way, so it is when it comes to your palate. What used to be the ancient food of the Istrian people, today is a top gastronomic experience that Istria Adventures will take you through its many active gastronomic tours. Today, folk and luxury cuisine are intertwined in Istria in such a way that traditional culinary icons such as authentic forms of pasta, shellfish, fish and seafood, asparagus, prosciutto, cheese, game, but also the king of the Istrian table, the inevitable Istrian truffle, gives it a special dose of sophistication. No Istrian dish is complete without golden drops of top-quality extra virgin olive oil, which has taken Istria to the very top of the best ones in the world. It doesn’t matter if you go with us on adventures by land or sea, Jistra Adventures will complete every gastronomic experience with top Istrian wine. The millennial tradition of growing this noble plant has given Istria and its guests wines exactly as they should be; of exceptional quality, aroma and taste. Jistra Adventures will take you only and exclusively to places where you will be looking for a bite and a sip more. And the recipe too!

5.  A whole new dimension of night entertainment

If Istria seems a bit sleepy and slow in the winter months – it is with good reason. It takes a break from the summer behind it, but also creates new fantastic experiences for your summer adventures and explorations that you look forward to. Jistra Adventures has brought a touch of refreshment to the nightlife of Istria and created a completely new dimension of night entertainment for you. We are people from the sea, so we will take you to the sea for the best possible parties, but away from the city noise and crowded bars. This does not mean that you will not be active, on the contrary. Our Istra kayak tours at the end of the day, with fantastic Istrian wine and amazing sunsets are our vision of the perfect nightlife. If that pace is too slow for you, we also know how kayaking can be even more fun. With our fantastic evening Jistra kayak tour, you will paddle to an islet in the Medulin archipelago where you will be greeted by a DJ and entertained under a very special lighting, the full moon.