Kayak tour with Cave experience + Safari

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On our 5-hour kayak tour, you will enjoy unforgettable scenery, clear blue seas and good company. In the relaxed environment of this Istrian paradise, we will head to the caves of Big and Small Kolombarica and have a pleasant time mingling in the Safari Bar.

  • 8.4 km
  • Licensed kayak guide
  • Kayak, paddle, impermeable bag, life jacket
  • Swimming and rowing around islands of Rt Kamenjak
  • Underwater photos and videos
  • Snorkeling inside of the cristal blue cave under 15m cliff
  • Cliffjumping
  • Visiting dinosaurs footprints
  • Lunch at the Safari Bar (sardines, Ćevapčići, gyros and drinks)
  • Lunch packet (water 0.5L, apple, power bar)
  • Snorkeling equipment- mask


5 hours

Activity/2h Chilling/3h


Campingplatz Stupice



TIP Bring with you – sunglasses, cap, towel, swimsuit, waterproof bag, flip flops/aqua socks/shoes, spare clothes

Language : English, Croatian
The minimum age for participants is 7.

  • To participate, you must be able to swim

Along with Jistra Adventures’ licensed kayak guides, explore the seductive Cape Kamenjak in Istria and its gulfs, as well as bask in the unique hues of the underwater caves. Some of these spots are truly hidden, which means their beauty is intact. Our Kayak Tour through the Caves will head to one of these spots, where the sun, rocks, and sea create a special ambience. Accompanied by company from all corners of the world and a cheerful mood, our kayak tour heads towards the Big Kolombarica cave.

The uniqueness of the cave is reflected in its interior, which besides the green-blue light effects gives an unforgettable feeling of cosiness and the protection of a hidden lagoon. After diving through an underwater tunnel, we arrive at the cave and its luminous blues, which transform the sea into an intact natural pool. Here we leave the kayaks and abandon ourselves to swimming, diving, and fun, and to complete the experience, we will make sure to snap some underwater photos.
For brave adventurers, the high cliffs await – they can dive from them and have their own little summer adventure. After the marvellous cave, our tour heads towards the Small Kolombarica cave, which is as special and attractive as its namesake. Here we will be stunned to find a small beach surrounded by emerald sea and flat rocks, which is why it attracts so many visitors. After this is lunch together at the legendary Safari Bar, whose thick shade of bamboo and cane gives a real jungle feel. Safari Bar in Istria is a favourite spot for locals and tourists alike. In addition to the excellent food and drinks, there is a lookout point where you can take a selfie, with the entire Cape Kamenjak for a backdrop. For the young and young at heart, the bar offers big swings, slides, various wooden huts, and other hidden corners. Before returning, on our kayak tour we will be able to walk with dinosaurs on the island of Fenoliga, where we find millions of years old dinosaur footprints. To finish off our kayak tour, we row past the islet of Šekovac to enjoy the tranquillity of the deserted beaches and rest from the summer crowds. Next we return to our Kayak Tour starting point, where another memory in the making awaits.

1 review for Kayak tour with Cave experience + Safari

  1. masonkristin73

    This kayaking tour along the coast of Kamenjak was fantastic! Debora was an excellent guide, very knowledgeable and experienced as well as excellent company. The locations visited were picturesque and well worth the journey! The trip was not too strenuous, just about anyone could do it. We were able to explore some beautiful caves, an island with dinosaur tracks, and gorgeous coastline. The bar where we stopped for lunch had incredible views and was filled with fun activities hidden away inside a lovely bamboo thicket. Not far from the bar was a great spot for cliff jumping, which I definitely recommend! Overall a phenomenal and unforgettable experience, I highly recommend taking a tour with Jistra Adventures!

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