Can team building be active, fun, inspired by nature and at the same time fulfill its basic goals? Yes! JIstra Adventures is the place from which you will embark on an amazing adventure of connecting with both the nature and your colleagues.

Yes, we know that – team building is one of the newer corporate inventions, with a not that great reputation. This trend has not moved from our country either, so team building is increasingly respected and organized in most reputable companies in Croatia. In the moments when your bosses approach you with the idea of ​​organized team building, you will, most likely, immediately think of two things; first, why would I spend my free time on some kind of journey with colleagues with whom I spend the entire work week, instead of the way I want, with my family? And yes, why would someone force us to “pretend to be a fantastic team” again? If you think this way too, JIstra Adventures will show you how wrong you are, and with its fantastic programs prove that team building in Istria is one of the most important investments you can make for yourself and your colleagues.


What exactly is team building?

Literally translated from English, these two words mean “building of a strong and well-connected work team” and are defined as a set of recreational, educational and fun activities aimed at strengthening interpersonal relationships in the existing work team, empowering the mind, relieving stress, and of course, achieving common goals. Our organized team building in Istria can help you through mutual fun and adventure trips to develop mutual trust, your sense of cooperation with colleagues, as well as belonging to the company, and to have fun and get to know all the beauties and charms of Istria.


JIstra Adventures as your best partner for team building in Istria

JIstra Adventures is a young and extremely innovative family company specializing in adventure trips and organized guided trips in kayaks, bicycles and stand-up paddling, all tailor-made for you. We are located in the south of Istria in Premantura and two other locations near the protected landscape, Cape Kamenjak. All excursions from our offer can be modified in such a way that they are fully adapted to your wishes and interests, and are also suitable for group trips, family excursions, as well as for fantastic and active team building. All our guides are licensed professionals who with their knowledge, passion and love for Istria will introduce you to other places on the peninsula, those more famous such as Pula, Porec, Rovinj or Motovun, but also many other hidden gems and natural beauties of “Terra Magica”, its history, legends, culture, and above all, hospitable people.

Our young, creative and extremely professional team JIstra Adventures brings a whole new dimension to team building that will help you build, above all, self-confidence, trust, encourage communication, improve cooperation, but also learn how to reduce conflicts. The basic philosophy of our creative team is that effectively executed team building is good for culture of companies and its employees. If you add to that the touch with the untouched beauty of the nature of southern Istria, the unique sounds of the sea, the fight with the wind and great fun, success is guaranteed.

Through our rich offer of bicycle, e-bike, kayak, paddling or boat trips, we can create a wide range of creative and unique team building trips and games that will take you out of conventional and business stereotypes into a completely natural environment. With our innovative approach and creative excursions, we are becoming the leading partner for Team Building in Istria and from year to year we expand our ideas and network of partners, to the mutual satisfaction. As some of our best ideas for your team building, we single out the following tours:

Kayak tour with a visit to the hidden caves

If you choose our magnificent kayak tour with a visit to hidden caves for your new adventure, you can’t go wrong. This tour is led by experienced guides with whom you will be in completely safe hands and the only prerequisite is that you know how to swim. A pleasant kayak ride takes about 60 minutes and will take you to the gates of true paradise, cave of Great Kolombarica. Going through the tunnel you will experience the supernatural experience of playing blue lights and shadows with rocks and then test your limits and courage by jumping off cliffs, swimming or diving. We will take care of a light lunch package and basic equipment, waterproof bags, vests and neoprene suit, as well as to capture your unforgettable moments with us with a GoPro camera.


Stan-up paddling tour at sunset

If you opt to choose a lighter rhythm, a romantic combination of the sea and the sunset with a drop of fantastic Istrian wine, then our best stand up paddling tour at sunset is the right choice for you. On this tour, we will take you to the beautiful Medulin archipelago and the small island of Ceja of an exceptional beauty and amazing pebble beaches. We will bathe in the sea, walk along stone paths and enjoy an unforgettable view of Cape Kamenjak and the southernmost coast of Istria. At dusk we will toast the beauty of nature and life itself. Don’t forget the photos, this trip is especially magical for all lovers of landscape photography, which will preserve the memory of probably the most beautiful moments spent in magical Istria.


Fun e-bike gastro tours

If you prefer the mainland and a more active rhythm than relaxing at sea, our fun adventure e-bike gastro tours are then the right choice for you. Not only will you experience a real feeling of freedom, but you will enjoy driving the most hidden roads of Istria, beautiful nature, amazing lookouts and hidden coves by the sea where you can refresh yourself. With tours like this, a good bite is indispensable. Therefore, we will take you to a real Istrian farm where you will be able to try only local indigenous Istrian culinary delicacies, but also experience an unforgettable experience of socializing with domestic animals.

Our excellent and very encouraging results so far motivate us to continue to give our best to each client with our creative power, so you can combine all our tours in one or even a few days, as it best suits your interests and desires. For all inquiries and more detailed information about the tours, you can contact us here.

We believe in the principle that one measure does not suit everyone, so we will tailor each of our trips and your team building to suit you perfectly. If you end up making a good business deal in such fun and informal environment, then our mission has completely fulfilled its goal!