Full moon SUP tour

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A special excursion and a special sport. Only three times a year, we go on a trip with SUPs while the moonlight lights the way.

  • Licenced SUP guide
  • SUP, paddle, waterproof bag, lifejacket
  • A night trip
  • A stop at the Safari Bar – 1 drink
  • GoPro photos and videos
  • Lunch packet (water 0.5L, apple, power bar)
  • Snorkeling equipment- mask, fins


4 hours


Camp Stupice



TIP Bring with you –towel, swimsuit, waterproof bag, flip flops/aqua socks/shoes, spare clothes, sunglasses, cap

Language : English, Croatian
The minimum age for participants is 16

If you love moonlight, stars, and sports, do not pass up this unusual trip. This evening trip that takes place during the full moon will stun you with its beauty and the twilight shadows that play on the Medulin archipelago. You will experience the light of night in the middle of the open sea and feel at least a bit of nocturnal magic. We head to Camp Stupice at dusk and then visit the southern shore of Cape Kamenjak on paddleboard. This modern version of paddle boarding has become a big hit all over the world, and the Adriatic Sea is the perfect spot for this water sport.
We begin in the early evening, while the sea is still warm and beckons for a swim. We then enjoy the breath-taking scene of the sun as it begins to change the face of the sky. We continue towards the southernmost point of Cape Kamenjak, where the interesting Safari Bar is located. It welcomes us with its lights and music, and we have some fun here with a bit of sangria and other drinks, soon finding out why it is such a visitor favourite. While we cheerfully mingle, the night quietly arrives and the moonlight glimmer lets us know it’s time to return. We go back to paddling under the starry sky and enjoying the light flickering of the sea breeze. With the moon illuminating the way, the blue world has long awakened and brought us into a new dimension of unique feeling.


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