About Jistra Adventures

We are professional team in love with outdoor activities.

We offer BIKE RENTAL in Premantura – Pula – Medulin , BIKE TOURS in Istria, KAYAK RENTAL or SUP RENTAL and KAYAK TOURS or SUP TOURS.

Having Cape Kamenjak as our backyard we choose to share our passion for sports and the beauty of our home with you. We are natives to Premantura and as such we know all of it’s hidden charms whether it’s a mysterious cave or a lookout point which offers you first class seats to a breathtaking sunset. It is perfect place to take a Kayak tour or Rent a Kayak for water lovers or Rent a bike or take a Bike Tour.

Cape Kamenjak in Premantura – Istria

We are from Croatia located in Premantura which is a part of Cape Kamenjak the southern tip of Istria. Premantura is just 10 km from Pula and it is easy accessible by car and by bus.

Rt Kamenjak is part of the Medulin Archipelago, It is a protected nature park divided into Upper and Lower Kamenjak known as the sunniest part of Istria.

Exploring Kamenjak – cycling on our Bike Tours around Pula or paddling to the caves in Istria on our Kayak tours or SUP Tours around Pula reveals the real beauty of the place in more natural way. Also you don’t pay an entrance fee to the park as you need to with a motor vehicles. That’s why cruising with a bike or paddling through the crystal blue caves gives you a feeling of wilderness and true sense of nature.

Jistra Adventures Team will take you to heavenly blue waters visiting underwater cave tours with Kayak. For brave ones there is a high water jump from 15m cliff Kolombarica. We offer guided Kayak tours and SUP Tours around the islands with a break in vivid Safari Bar. Catch breathtaking sunset on our Sunset Bike Tour along Istrian coast. Yep, we really have everything for everyone’s taste. So if you want to stay active during the holidays and you’re an outdoor lover like us we have everything you are looking for.


You can find Jistra Adventures in two locations:

  1. BIKE RENTAL JISTRA ADVENTURES  (starting point for Istria Bike Tours) located at Address Premantura 85, only 150m from the entrance of Cape Kamenjak where we offer:
  • HIRE a E-Bike in Pula or Premantura
  • HIRE a Bike  in Pula or Premantura
  • BOOK a Kayak tour, SUP tour or Cycling tour
  • Bike REPAIR / Bike Service in Premantura
  1. JISTRA KAYAK/SUP/BIKE SPOT (starting point for all Istria Kayak Tours located inside the Camp Stupice where we offer:


  • free parking at both locations
  • just 250m from the centar
  • only 100m from Cape Kamenjak

All our tours are suitable for families, friends, seniors & big groups. If you want to make changes on the tour feel free to contact us and ask us, we will create your perfect kayaking adventure in Istria

Now you know what is our passion and who we are. Check OUR TOURS and choose what suits you the best! Our team is looking forward to meet you & to take you to your NEW Adventures.

“Nature never hurries. Atom by atom, little by little, she achieves her work, so take that example to slow down your big city tempo & let yourself relax.”

Jistra Adventures.